My Teen Mom Cooking Class - Banana Whole Wheat Pancakes

If last night's class would have been my first night teaching, I may have quit. Another mom had a baby since last Tuesday's class, and a few more to-be moms appear very close to delivering. That was my rationalization why almost every one seemed "low energy," and only a few were actually engaged in cooking. At least we had good participation in the nutrition class when we talked about food budgeting and menu planning. We also had an interesting debate about washing meat, which neither the nutrition instructors, nor the Operation FrontLine staff member, nor me do. Current food science, according to our instructor's manual, indicates this is a now passe food practice. Would be interested in hearing what other "cookers" think of this. Rather than allow this to be another reason not to eat what we make, I told the women that when such things arise where they are uncomfortable, they need to just tell me.

Tonight was BFD (Connor told me he wanted BFD for dinner last week when Craig took clients to a hockey game, and I almost came unglued - you don't use that kind of language with Mom!). Breakfast for Dinner! My class had never heard of - or had - such before and actually seemed to like both dishes we made: veggies, eggs, cheese, and salsa whole wheat tortillas and banana pancakes.

Banana Whole Wheat Pancakes
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  1. I love your colors and writing style in your Blog! Good for you, taking on this new outlet! How is the Teen Cooking class going?



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