Our Week of Dinners

My friend Kimberly at Rhubarb and Honey started posting a weekly menu, which is a smart way to ensure accountability, better control over nutrition, planning wholesome meals, grocery shopping once a week (saves $$ and gas), and best of all, it prevents the call to Dewey’s for pizza when I have no clue what's for dinner.

Here goes our menu for the week.

Monday (which we had – very tasty, one of Connor’s favorite dinners. Ever)
Fish Tacos with Lime-Cilantro-Chipotle Sauce and Zesty Back Bean Corn Salad – modified from Cooking Light recipes.

I baked 6 ounces of halibut, which I had in the freezer, and reheated about 3/4s of a pound of diced leftover shrimp from our weekend dinner party which we tossed in the fish seasoning. An excellent combo. The first time I made these fish tacos, Craig was quite skeptical, but now he is a believer. The spices for the fish, along with the chipotle sauce, define these tacos. The sauce is creamy and has a long spicy finish that contrasts nicely with the crunchy romaine lettuce.

Pizzeria Stuffed Peppers – Cooking Light, May 1996 – this is using some of the pounds of dirty rice also leftover from our weekend dinner party (I am not joking, as I seriously misjudged portion size), a salad, and garlic bread

Buffalo Blue Cheese Bison Burgers, Celery Slaw – Nourish Network (and reviewed here)

Salmon with Spicy Mustard (from the original Balaban’s in the Central West End) and Spicy Asian Noodles (Food Network magazine, April 2010)

If I don't go out with the book club girls, it’ll just be Craig and me for dinner, may be some Straub’s Ribeye steaks or a homemade pizza - TBD

Prom night for Connor and Emily, and we're attending the South Side Day Nursery Gala at the gorgeous Palladium in Lafayette Square.

Here's to a week of great dinners.

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