Preservatives DO work

I know that fast food preservatives and chemicals do not allow food to break down like “real” food. Yeah, every foodie knows this. Preservatives make food more long-lasting and prevent rot. But that is what food does. Food IS biodegradable. It gets moldy and turns funky colors. Food decays and spoils.

But we have personally witnessed that preservatives do what they are meant to do. They act like a sealant. They keep “food” true to its original processed state. “Food” treated with preservatives is no longer food.

If you’re wondering how this knowledge came first-hand to us, Craig found the McDonald’s cheeseburger under Connor’s bed. It’s a month or so old. Don’t ask. We didn’t. We didn’t want to know.

It does beg the question. How do you survive if you eat this junk?

1 comment:

  1. so disturbing!! i just don't understand how this whole industry of junk is still in existence & poisoning people.

    on a completely polar opposite note, I just made a reservation at Stone Soup Cottage after your recommendation. it's two months away but never too early to start getting excited!!



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