The Perfect Pork Roast

Saturday evening we participated in our neighborhood’s autumn-themed progressive dinner party, and we volunteered as one of the main course homes. I was greatly looking forward to it but knew it would be a slight challenge with the timing of whatever we prepared for the entrée. We wanted to partake in the hors d'oeuvres so we knew it had to be something prepared in advanced and re-warmed; something we stuck in as we were walking out the door; or something with a quick cook since we were allotted only an hour and a half before heading to the dessert home. And it had to be seasonal. In an ah-ha moment, I remembered the cover recipe from October’s Bon Appetit, a gorgeous pork roast stuffed with mushrooms, apples, and kale, wrapped in prosciutto and baked with apples and hard cider. Talk about shouting Fall. Plus, it could be semi-prepared up to a day in advance and had a long enough bake time to allow us a few nibbles of appetizers and glass of wine at home #1.
I cannot take credit for preparing this beauty. That all goes to Craig. As we set out to prep on Saturday morning, I asked if he wanted to begin the pork, and he took charge. Other than soaking the dried mushrooms and apples and steaming the kale, he did the whole thing. Lots of steps, but certainly nothing difficult. Do have your butcher butterfly the pork loin and do not use pork tenderloin unless you significantly alter the cook time.

Since we changed none of the ingredients, I am simply including the link to the original recipe – with one very big PAY ATTENTION TO THIS note. The indicated oven temperature and cooking time are both WRONG. I used an oven temp of 375 degrees F., and it cooked in about an hour and fifteen minutes to 142 degrees F. stuffing temp. Next time I will take it out at 135 degrees F as it was ever so slightly overcooked.

This is truly an impressive dish. Make it. When you take it out of the oven, you'll guests will gasp. And it's as delicious as it's stunning.
We served it with butternut squash risotto and roasted broccoli.


  1. Beautiful looking pork roast there. Really like the idea of stuffing with kale (among other things). I love pork roast, and haven't done one for ages - but it's something I've been thinking about lately. You may have inspired me! Thanks.

  2. Kitchen Riffs, this would be THE pork roast to make if you haven't made such lately. Last night I cubed some leftovers, sauted onions and garlic, and added some (Highlands Brewery) beer BBQ sauce I canned a few weeks ago for some delicious sandwiches.



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