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After dropping Connor off at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY to start his new adventure, we headed to Chicago to see Barbra Streisand at the United Center and eat our way through Chi-town, or at least as much as our stomachs and wallets would allow in three days. The Windy City is such a foodie mecca, quite challenging to narrow down where to go with a limited number of meals. Over the next few days I will be posting our reviews of where we ate. Hope you enjoy.

Trenchermen, a relative newcomer to the Chicago restaurant scene, is located in Wicker Park in an old Turkish bath house and owned by veteran Chicago restaurateur/chef brothers Michael and Patrick Sheerin. The interior is urban cool, loud, but still classic. The service was simply impeccable. The right about of attention and the waiter was helpful in describing the dishes and making recommendations.

The cocktails were fun, full of unexpected and seasonal flavors. Craig started with a celery gin and tonic, which he loved and proceeded to tell our server he next wanted a gin fun. No clue what was in it, but also enjoyable. Being a whiskey girl and campari lover, the Pioneer - Pine Needle whiskey, campari, citrus – was a perfect starter for me, quite fresh considering its base. The wine list was small and very reasonably priced (we had a 2010 Farbre Montmayou Cab from Mendoza that was nice).

The highlights of the evening included the much raved about pickle tots, a cross between fried pickles and tater tots served with thinly sliced, smoked, and cured chicken bresaola atop a big schmear of beet-sweetened red onion yogurt sauce – very pink!
The hake was our other personal fave, served in a piquant piquillo pepper broth with a leek and hazelnut slaw and lemon custard.
We also shared the milk braised pork shoulder, served with spaghetti squash and which was tasty but frankly too much like nice chunks of Easter ham, and in hindsight we regretted not trying the short ribs instead. Next time.
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