Pre-Thanksgiving dinner (and a tasty corn bisque)

We had our family Thanksgiving dinner tonight since we're heading to Harrisburg, PA for the real holiday. We truly have so much to be thankful for and I think (hope) we DO know how blessed our lives are. Our menu consisted of:

Corn Bisque with Red Bell Pepper and Rosemary (Printable Recipe Here), originally a Bon Appetit recipe that I modified to use 2% milk instead of half & half and less butter, olive oil instead. Very pretty, nice contrast of flavors, relatively lowfat, extremely easy and can be made in advance and re-heated. I cut the recipe in half for the four of us and have a bit leftover.

Garlic Mashies (made in advance and heated with the stuffing)
Mashed Sweet Potatoes (made in advance and heated with the stuffing)
Green Beans with Bacon and Red Bell Pepper
Sourdough Stuffing with Apples and (Turkey) Italian Sausage (made in advance)
Sage Roasted Turkey with Sage Gravy
Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie with Fresh Whipped Cream - no sugar version (no one missed it), recipe thanks for Alanna here. I would highly recommend foiling the crust while baking. Whit it started smelling burned, I foiled it half-way thru baking, and it was still a bit dark (the pie baked in 55 minutes for me).

The house smelled so good. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite meals, and we're looking forward to the leftovers. If anyone would like any of the other recipes, just ask, and I will provide them.

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