Belated Thanksgiving Post - a GREAT Corn Custard

We spent Thanksgiving in Harrisburg, PA and enjoyed a massive dinner (which is always served at 1PM promptly) with my mom's extended family.  I think it ended up being 20 and more if you count those who just stopped in for dessert.

We were assigned to take vegetable dishes.  Since my mom's family has Pennsylvania Dutch roots, I decided to make the Toasted Sweet Corn Pudding recipe that was in an article from the final issue of Gourmet (boo hoo), which focused on PA Dutch cooking.  It was easy to make, with no soaking or grinding required of the dried corn, typical of the methods involved for preparing such.  I used John Cope's Corn, which is produced only in Lancaster, PA  and we brought back five packages of it.  It was a big hit - nutty, sweet, and definitely a "solid" veggie custard.  Now to find other uses for all of this!

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